A New Sober You is Different ...

Are you feeling a bit scared that you can't quit? Flip side: Scared that you won't be able to drink any more if you do quit?

Are you looking for a way to kick your alcohol habit in the butt without having to show up at stuffy meetings?

Are you trying to find a way to quit that doesn't cost an arm and a leg?

Are you hoping to find a way to quit and stay home so you can be with your family?

Are you wanting to quit alcohol, without feeling shamed?

Honestly, does help like that even exist?

Yes, your search is over!


Whether you want to do a cleanse or quit booze for good, allow Susan to show you how (she's a 20-year-plus sober veteran, and knows a thing or two) and divulges how you can get sober in her private online 66-day program.

Enroll in A New Sober You if:

1. You want privacy, and accountability (that doesn't hurt or shame you).

2. If you're sick and tired of waking up "the morning after the night before" with hellish hangovers, do yourself a big favor and quit the madness now, before it gets completely out of hand.

3. If you've become dependent on the daily booze, take heart! I was once in your shoes, and it's never too late to quit drinking.

4. If you're missing out on family get-togethers, are consistently late for work, or feel tired throughout the day — or worse: you simply just don't care anymore because alcohol has taken over your life — I know exactly how you feel and help is just a click away.

5. If you find your drinking has led to promiscuity, you can save yourself further embarrassment, beginning right now.

We take you through Six Stages so you
Know What to Expect, and Come out a Winner!

In a New Sober You, we take you through six stages in 66 days.
Why 66 days? It's the average length of time it takes to establish a new habit!

  • 1 = Fear

    Fear is a double-edge sword. Not only do you fear you can't stop drinking, when you realize you have to, you also know that you won't be able to drink alcohol again and that produces panic.

  • 2 = Denial

    Once you begin the program, you realize that you've been in denial for a very long time. Give yourself kudos for reaching out and finding A New Sober You!

  • 3 = Realization

    When you're no longer in denial, you reach the healthy conclusion that you did have a problem. Knowing that you're tackling it, one day at a time in our program, gives you strength to continue.

  • 4 = Acceptance

    Now that you've accepted you had a drinking problem, you're well on your way to achieving your goal of living life to the fullest, without the crutch of alcohol to help you get through your day.

  • 5 = Confidence

    With each passing day in A New Sober You, you've gained an inner confidence that you "can keep sober." With the "Conscience Click" keeping you in check, you are living your dream.

  • 6 = Success

    Success lies in sticking to a plan AND changing old neural pathways. In A New Sober You, we use Somatic Markers to your advantage. Somatic Markers can also used to stop smoking and overeating too!

the Topics we tackle in our Six Stages:

  • First Day Fears
  • Top 9 Signs of Alcoholism
  • Being in Denial only Delays the Inevitable
  • Treat your Body to Vitamin B Supplements
  • Falling OFF the Wagon ...
  • Feeling Down and Depressed...
  • Wondering If You Can Hang On?
  • One Full Week 1 ~ You Did It!
  • Alcohol is NOT Needed to Live ...
  • Save a Bunch of Cash!
  • Side Benefit: Weight Loss!
  • Thinking CLEARER
  • Making New Mental Connections
  • How to Handle Going to Parties ...
  • Two Full Weeks ~ You Did It!
  • Feel PROUD of Your Accomplishment!
  • Still Thinkin' About Booze?
  • Alcohol Substitutes ... hmm
  • Drink THIS Beverage Instead!
  • No More Crutches!
  • Dealing with Family Members who Drink
  • Three Full Weeks ~ You Did It!
  • In a Bad Drinking Relationship?
  • Don't Be Swayed!
  • Nip It In the Bud - Now!
  • One Drink WILL Hurt
  • Stop KIDDING Yourself!
  • 28 Days is NOT Long Enough
  • Four Full Weeks ~ You Did It!
  • Feeling Isolation?
  • Facebook Group
  • Admitting You're an Alcoholic
  • Be PROUD
  • Other Bad Habits?
  • Getting Stronger and Stronger!
  • Five Full Weeks - You Did It!
  • Panic Attacks
  • Getting More Done at Work
  • Feeling Like a Winner!
  • Acceptance is Kicking In
  • Embarrassing Incidents ...
  • Alcohol Poisoning
  • Six Full Weeks - You Did It!
  • Lessening Thoughts of Drinking
  • Dutch Courage?
  • Climbing Out of Your Shell
  • Stop Wishing ...
  • One LESS Drunk Driver
  • Anger and Resentment
  • Seven Full Weeks - You Did It!
  • Wise Head on YOUR Shoulders
  • That Freeing Feeling
  • Remember When You Used to Hide?
  • Drinking Dollars $aved Add Up!
  • New-Found Confidence
  • Feeling Sorry Smugness
  • Eight Full Weeks - You Did It!
  • A Pat on the Back
  • A Few Kind Words ...
  • Designated Driver
  • To Go or NOT to Go to Parties
  • Testimonial Time
  • It's NEVER Too Late ...
  • Nine Full Weeks - You Did It!
  • A Funny Thing Happens ...
  • Welcome to Your New Sober Habit

what Ann+James, and Donna have to say about A New Sober You:

Your program is very much needed. You certainly were a huge influence on us getting to grips with the problem. I'll never forget that day when I decided to 'spill all' and tell the truth your reply was jaw dropping! It made such a huge difference to know someone who really understood what we were going through. We are having a ball and none of this would have been possible if we were still drinking. We've never touched another drink.

Ann and  James

When I met Susan in a unrelated business matter we bonded instantly and have a great rapport. She's helped me in many ways. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Susan's A New Sober You program as there is no one I would rather have help a member of my family stop drinking.

Donna Q.

Invest in your future.
Live free from the anguish of alcoholism.
Join A New Sober You!

Susan Gast

Founder, A New Sober You

LADIES: It's time to take care of yourself. If you're sick tired of being "sick and tired" and missing out on life in general due to hangovers, it's high time you joined A New Sober You. Get back into life, mingle with friends and family, attend business functions, go to weddings and birthday parties... without the alcohol crutch. Become that sane, sexy, sober woman again.


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