Achieve Sobriety in a Stressed-Out World

66-Day Online Bootcamp

  • What is A New Sober You? It's a 66-day Online Bootcamp where we take our members from first day fears to freedom.
  • Why 66 days? It takes an average of 66 days to create a new habit. If it's too short a time — you forget it. If it's too long a time — you drop out.

Are You Ready to Create Your New Lasting Habit of Sobriety?

It's time to turn over a new leaf, kick the old bad boozy habit, and become the new sober you that you’ve probably been dreaming of!

The 6 Stages of A New Sober You

Stage 1: Fright and Panic. Days 1 - 11

Stage 2: Denial. Days 12 - 22

Stage 3: Realization. Days 23 - 33

Stage 4: Acceptance. Days 34 - 44

Stage 5: Confidence. Days 45 - 55

Stage 6: Success. Days 56 - 66

a message
from Susan

  • First Day Fears
  • Top 9 Signs of “You May Be An Alcoholic”
  • Being in Denial
  • Supplementing your Diet with B Vitamins
  • Falling off the Wagon
  • Feeling Down and Depressed
  • Wondering if you can Hang On
  • Celebrating ONE FULL WEEK
  • Alcohol is NOT Needed to Live
  • Saving Money through Not Drinking
  • Side Benefit: Weight Loss Possible
  • Thinking Clearer
  • Making New Mental Connections
  • Going to Parties
  • Celebrating TWO FULL WEEKS
  • Feeling Proud
  • Still Thinking About Booze?
  • Alcohol Substitutes
  • Drink THIS Beverage Instead
  • No More Crutches!
  • Dealing with Family Members who are Drinkers
  • Celebrating THREE FULL WEEKS
  • In a Bad Relationship with a Drinker?
  • Don’t be Swayed
  • Nip “One Drink Won’t Hurt” in the Bud
  • One drink WILL HURT
  • Stop Kidding Yourself
  • 28 Days is Not Enough
  • Celebrating FOUR FULL WEEKS
  • Feeling Isolated?
  • Facebook Group
  • Admitting You’re An Alcoholic
  • Be PROUD to say “I Don’t Drink (alcohol) Anymore”
  • Other Bad Habits?
  • Resolve is Getting Stronger and Stronger
  • Celebrating FIVE FULL WEEKS
  • Panic Attacks
  • Getting More Done at Work
  • Feeling like a Winner (instead of a Loser)
  • Acceptance
  • Embarrassing Incidents
  • Alcohol Poisoning
  • Celebrating SIX FULL WEEKS
  • Thoughts of Wanting a Drink are Lessening
  • Is it Really “Dutch Courage” after all?
  • Climbing Out of Your Shell
  • Stop Wishing You Could Handle a Couple of Drinks (like your friends) …
  • One Less Drunk Driver on the Road
  • Dealing with Anger and Resentment
  • Celebrating SEVEN FULL WEEKS
  • Wise Head on Your OWN Shoulders
  • That Freeing Feeling
  • Remember When You Used to Hide?
  • Drinking Dollars Saved Add Up
  • New-Found Confidence
  • Feeling Sorry for those Who Drink (Don’t Get Smug)
  • Celebrating EIGHT FULL WEEKS
  • A Pat on the Back
  • A Few Kind Words Really Helps
  • Designated Driver
  • To Go or Not to Go to Parties
  • We’d love your Testimonial …
  • It’s Never Too Late to Get Sober!
  • Celebrating NINE FULL WEEKS
  • A Funny Thing Happens ...
  • Welcome to Your New Habit!
  • Day 67 and Onward … continued Mentoring Membership support

NO Group Meetings

Are you Sick and Tired of getting drunk
and being hungover?
It's time to get with the program.
Take our 66-day bootcamp and kick the habit.

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Log in Daily

It's easy! Simply show up once a day and log in. Prove to yourself that you've got this!

Create A Great
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Feels good to get sober and be in control.

Post Bootcamp
Ongoing Mentoring

Starting Day 67:
Optional Online Mentoring


What Alice and Jack have to say ...

Alice R.

So glad I did the Bootcamp. Susan really helped me through my sketchy first days until I felt stronger with each passing day. 102 days strong so far and I'm also in the Mentoring Membership.

Jack P.

I'm a busy exec with no time to sit in on group meetings. I have way too many of those at work! The ability to check in daily online was the breakthrough I needed to keep me on course. Thank you.

Keith E.

It's amazing how effective logging in to a membership is each day. I know I'm doing the right thing. I know I'm not missing out. It's too easy to get off track. This works well for me.

K. Duncan

I'm BIG on routine. And that's how I changed my bad (drinking) routine into a good routine (by not drinking!) and doing the bootcamp. Then I did do the mentoring membership too. It holds me to task.

If you're not totally delighted with our 66-Day Bootcamp, we offer a full refund of funds paid. Your request must be in writing within fourteen (14) calendar days of your purchase date.


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