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Quit (or Cleanse). It's your Choice.

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Frequently-asked sobriety questions ... Answered.


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    What's stopping you from becoming sober? Why do you continue to drink?
    What does sobriety mean to you? How would your life change when sober?


    Stop wondering.

    Get years of insight from Susan on how YOU can quit drinking
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    Ladies, it's time to quit drinking.
    I drank myself into darkness for decades.
    Suffered horrendous hangovers.

    Was scared stiff I couldn't stop. But I did!
    20 yrs now ... and counting.
    I'm here to show you how to get sober too.

    A New Sober You in 66 Days

    Susan Gast is "Helping women kick their
    alcohol habit so they can live their lives
    as confident, sane, sober women again."

    what Ann+James, and Donna have to say about A New Sober You:

    Your program is very much needed. You certainly were a huge influence on us getting to grips with the problem. I'll never forget that day when I decided to 'spill all' and tell the truth your reply was jaw dropping! It made such a huge difference to know someone who really understood what we were going through. We are having a ball and none of this would have been possible if we were still drinking. We've never touched another drink.

    Ann and  James

    When I met Susan in a unrelated business matter we bonded instantly and have a great rapport. She's helped me in many ways. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Susan's A New Sober You program as there is no one I would rather have help a member of my family stop drinking.

    Donna Q.

    Ladies, Getting Sober is Easier than Going on a Diet!

    Listen, it's easier to quit drinking than it is to be on a diet. How so? Well, you NEED FOOD to live — but you absolutely DO NOT need alcohol to live!

    Quitting drinking is not rocket science; it's not an impossible feat ... especially when you view alcohol in a different light — which Susan will teach you! Everything in life "is a choice." Make that choice to quit drinking — today.

    All it takes is a real desire to stop drinking, along with the help of A New Sober You, of course  ;-)

    What You'll Learn
    in our 66 Day Course ...

    In a New Sober You, we take you through six stages in 66 days. Why 66 days? It's the average length of time it takes to establish a new habit according to a London, UK study.


    You'll see how easy it is to curb cravings by using Somatic Markers to your advantage. We'll teach you what they are, and how to apply them at just the right time.

    This means you'll create new (mental) associations that drive out the desire to drink when one of those cravings comes along. Click the pink button above to learn more!

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