getting HANGOVERS too often?

Are you fed up of missing days at work, or missing out on your kids' after-school activities? Or just missing out on life in general because you're "in the bag" far too often than you care to admit?


Are you:

  • Sick and tired of being "sick and tired?"
  • Feeling guilty for drinking in secret?
  • Tired of making a fool of yourself?

If any of these scenarios hit home, you're at the right place to kick that dang drinking habit in the butt.

Get help in our 66-Day Online Bootcamp called A New Sober You.

If you think that getting help will cost a fortune, think again. We've not only made getting help affordable, we've made it totally do-able too. Show up sober log into our bootcamp on a daily basis.


Rather keep things private? Hate the thought of having to admit you're an alcoholic in front of a bunch of "first name only" folk? Our online bootcamp may just be your ticket to getting sober. You can only get better when you face the facts. If you want to know if you have alcoholic tendencies, take our confidential quiz below.

am I an alcoholic?

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Kick the Habit

A New Sober You

  • What is A New Sober You? It's a 66-Day Online Bootcamp where we take our members from first day fears — to freedom.
  • Why 66 Days? It takes an average of 66 days to create a new habit. If it's too short a time — you forget it. If it's too long a time — you drop out.
  • Considering a Cleanse? Our Bootcamp is ideal for that too.

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Achieving Sobriety in a Stressed-out World

Click the 'LEARN MORE' button above to read about our 66-Day Online Bootcamp called A New Sober You.

You can also learn more about the bootcamp's founder here.

Kick the Habit


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What Alice and Jack have to say ...

Alice R.

So glad I did the Bootcamp. Susan really helped me through my sketchy first days until I felt stronger with each passing day. 102 days strong so far and I'm also in the Mentoring Membership.

Jack P.

I'm a busy exec with no time to sit in on group meetings. I have way too many of those at work! The ability to check in daily online was the breakthrough I needed to keep me on course. Thank you.

Keith E.

It's amazing how effective logging in to a membership is each day. I know I'm doing the right thing. I know I'm not missing out. It's too easy to get off track. This works well for me.

K. Duncan

I'm BIG on routine. And that's how I changed my bad (drinking) routine into a good routine (by not drinking!) and doing the bootcamp. Then I did do the mentoring membership too. It holds me to task.

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